When your organization (ex. company, university, medical institute, etc.) grows, it tends to open new branches. However, the need for instant communication and collaboration becomes increasingly important and critical. To provide effective team communication and collaboration, SpacesGate SG-1, a new and innovative Media Collaboration System, changes the way we engage in a project meeting or remote training. SG-1 system can bring people together from different places for audiovisual communication, content sharing, collaboration and recording in the same time, enabling remote meeting or training in an effective and user-friendly way.


Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Lecture Capture All in One Device

SG-1 is a powerful and innovative all-in-one Media Collaboration System that combines simple collaborative whiteboard, video conferencing, lecture capture and live streaming features. Through SG-1’s single user interface, you can easily create a high-quality and all-new collaborative and productive experience for remote brainstorming, project meeting and distance learning without the big budget.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

SG-1 comes with a fully graphical user interface utilizing information
visualization in order to minimize the learning curve required. A single and intuitive user interface allows for easy operation of SG-1’s comprehensive capabilities, such as video source switching, video conferencing, collaboration, recording and streaming. SG-1 can incorporate video collaboration daily work seamlessly.

Remote Conferencing and Collaboration in Real-Time

After connecting a designated remote space with SG-1, users can start an audiovisual communication and screening sharing in real-time. Through the conference mode of SG-1, the drawing and marks on the touchscreen or whiteboard can be viewed on another screen in remote space synchronously. SG-1 allows remote teams work together easily and efficiently just like being there.

Local Recording. FTP Backup. Opencast Integration

Whether in a video collaboration or remote training, SG-1 allows you to easily record, playback, and backup meeting videos for those who couldn't attend. SG-1 stores hundreds of hours of Full HD recorded videos on its 1TB hard drive. To secure your valuable work, SG-1 can automatically backup to an FTP-server. Compatible with the opencast server, SG-1 can achieve recording and publishing to satisfy different needs.

Snapshot. Bookmarks. Video Manager

During the meeting, with SG-1, users can take snapshots at any time to save the ideas. While recording, the snapshots also can mark the
important moments of the video automatically for easy finding the part easily later. Built-in Video Manager, administrators can manage videos stored in the SG-1 device remotely. With available APIs, all of the video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for third party integration.

Works with Existing AV Equipment

Designed to serve the role of “AV central control ” in a training and meeting room, SG-1 can be combined with existing audio visual equipment, such as laptop, presentation sources, cameras, and display (including projectors, interactive whiteboards or interactive monitors). Paired with the recommended optional Interactive Module and Speakerphone, SG-1 can turn a meeting room into a video collaboration space simply and quickly.


Model Name

SG-1 Media Collaboration System

Content Channel

2x HDMI / 2x VGA selectable inputs

Camera Channel

1x HDMI / 1x VGA / 1x RJ-45 (supports network
camera and IP steam) selectable inputs

Conferencing Channel

1x Streaming input from another conferencing SG-1

Resolution Range

HDMI: 480i~1080p60
VGA Video: 480i~1080p60
VGA PC: 640 x 480~1920 x 1080


H.264 / AVC

Frame Rate

Max. 30fps

Bit Rate



Max. 1080p (320x240 ~ 1920x1080)

Audio-In Channels

1x 3.5mm Stereo Mic in
1x 3.5mm Stereo Line in
1x UAC (USB Audio Class) input (16-bit 48 kHz audio)



Bit Rate


Video Outputs

1x H.264 / AVC digital video over Ethernet
1x HDMI / 1 VGA selectable output for display
Note: display output will include the GUI (graphic user interface)

Output Resolution


Audio Outputs

1x 3.5mm Stereo Line out
1x UAC (USB Audio Class) input (16-bit 48 kHz audio)

Streaming Delay

1 sec.

Compatible Streaming Input Protocols


Streaming Output Protocols


1. users can choose 1 output option from RTP or RTMP only
2. RTP: MPEG2-TS over RTP unicast; MPEG2-TS over RTP multicast
3. RTSP (TCP/ UDP): Max 6 clients RTSP streams available via public URL (example: pulled streams)

Built-in Local Storage

1TB 2.5” SATA III Hard Drive

External Storage

USB storage