• Integration of live control,supporting fine control of the camera while during live video, simplifying the live broadcast equipment and making it easier to build the live broadcast environment
  • Multi-channel input and output, up to 8 channels 1080p60 video input, users can start live broadcast with only one network cable with multiple IP cameras
  • Support multi-protocol, support the access and output of video viathe methods of network, HDMI or local file, support mainstream live streaming protocol, NDI|HX2 optional
  • Integrated audio mixer, support 4-channel mixer, support multiple audio input and output methods
  • A variety of operation methods, control the live broadcast efficiently through the touch screen, buttons and other methods, so that the live broadcast is under your control at any time
  • Support multiple transitional effectssuch as fade in and fade out
  • Custom overlay content, support subtitle overlay and logo overlay
  • High-definition touch display, the body integrates a 10.1”full HD display, the device operation mode is more user-friendly